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Parent Teacher Association

Wolfpit School is a proud participant in the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) district initiative. PBIS refers to a systems approach to teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. We have a dedicated school-based team that participates in extensive training multiple times per year. Wolfpit School developed and follows the P.A.C.K. which stands for "Pride," "Accountability," Cooperation," and "Kindness."  We have established behavioral expectations for the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, and assemblies.  Our students participate in a school wide reward system which focuses on supporting the positive behaviors we see on a daily basis.  We celebrate our accomplishments at P.A.C.K. rallies throughout the year.  When the whole school reaches its goal, we celebrate with 

How can you support our PBIS initiatives at home? 

Positive behavior support, often called PBS, is not just for schools. Parents can use the same ideas to create a better environment for the entire family. First, let’s look at what PBS is:

  • Deciding what behavior you want to change
  • Deciding how you want that behavior to change
  • Using behavior science to change that behavior
    • Develop a theory about why you think the behavior is occurring
    • Test your theory
  • Using supports that have been tested and proven to work
    • Teach new skills to get the same results
    • Change environments and daily routines
    • Reward positive behaviors

Positive behavior support does not mean changing the child; rather, it means creating a new environment that supports the positive behavior you want to achieve. It means creating a plan that determines who will help and what you will do differently. 

Written by Laura Riffel and  Edited by Ann Turnbull 


For more information, please contact:

Wolfpit School Social Worker: Anne Beluk

Wolfpit School Counselor: Allison Andrade

Wolfpit School Nurse Amber Skidmore